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Winter Weather

December 11, 2013
K-Designers solid patio coverK-Designers under deck systemWeather can change your living habits from season to season. But you can do a few things to blunt the weather’s effects on your enjoyment of the outdoors. Most enjoy spending time outside on a deck or patio but when the snow or rain start falling it’s time to move indoors. Instead of moving indoors immediately you might consider a few products that can extend your outdoor living.
Solid patio covers like America’s Dream Koolshade are ideal. They block the sun in the summer and keep the snow and rain off in the winter. If you add a heat source you could use your patio months longer.
Underdeck systems like Ultimate Underdeck are relatively uncommon but are similar to a solid patio roof. Underdeck systems are hung under an existing raised deck. They catch rain and snow and guide it away. This creates an attractive ceiling you could hang lights from and a new dry area below for furniture. As with the solid patio cover if you add a heat source you could probably use the area under your deck for months longer.
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