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Taming Your Summer Energy Bill

July 19, 2013
K-designers Radient Heat BarrierSummer has arrived and the unrelenting heat of the summer sun can make a big impact on the cost of keeping your home comfortable. So what can you do? Direct sunlight on your home is the primary reason your homes temperature rises. Planting shade trees will certainly affect this but you will have to wait a few years for them to grow. So if you want relief now what can you do? Insulation is the answer. We aren’t talking standard insulation. After all, you already have that. What you need is insulation formulated to block radiant heat.
Radiant heat is one of three types of heat energy which can warm your home. It is the heat energy given off by an objects in the form of infrared radiation. An example of this would be a campfire. The burning material radiates heat out in a sphere. Any warm object that you can feel the heat from without touching is sending out radiant heat. It’s important to block this form of heat because it represents the largest heat gain for your home.
The sun rains down on your home radiant heat. This warms up your roof and then is in turn radiated from your roof to the insulation and other materials of your ceiling. (Standard insulation does not reflect heat or cold. It’s function is to slow down the transfer of heat or cold through itself. So while it does this well and better the more of it there is the heat or cold will eventually pass through this material.) From there it will enter into and heat up your living space causing you to spend money maintaining a comfortable temperature.
Radiant heat blocking or reflecting insulations like Eshield 11000 can block as much as 97% of the radiant energy hitting it. It is a thin silvery material installed on the underside of your roof decreasing heat gain and installed on the floor of your attic to prevent heat loss. Installations have been known to decrease an attic’s summer temp by as much as 40 degrees.
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