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Some home exterior remodeling benefits you might not have considered

September 13, 2013
Home RemodelingRemodeling is sometimes a necessity and sometimes it’s just for a change. But when it’s all done the overwhelming response is “Why did I wait so long?” If you’re sitting on the fence you might consider some of the following benefits of an exterior remodel:  
Love your home again
It might seem odd but even small changes can make a huge impact on how you feel about your home. A home that is tired, rundown, outdated, and overgrown can be saved and make you feel like you’ve just moved in.
Sell your home faster
First impressions are important. What the exterior of your home and its landscaping say make an impact that is hard to shake. Remember that old saying “don’t buy a book by its cover” It’s still around because that is exactly what people do. They buy for looks over content. Updating your landscape, entry door, garage door, siding, windows, lighting etc. will give your home positive impact.
Increase your living space
Add a structure to your home that gives you shade and protection from the elements to increase your useable living space. A patio cover can become an extra living room, dining room or kitchen. Raised decks are another opportunity to create an exterior living space. Put in an under deck ceiling system. The system is attached to the underside of your deck and is designed to divert the rain into gutters thus making the area under your deck dry despite the weather. A simple renovation and you increase the usable square footage of your home.
Less home maintenance
Maintenance on a home is inevitable but you can reduce that by using well designed or updated products. Vinyl siding needs little in the way of maintenance and never needs to be painted. Swapping out old and leaking windows and doors can save you future repairs that these leaks can cause over time. Installing leaf gutter guards on your gutters mean you won’t have to clean them out every year. Leaving you more time to enjoy your home and not work on it.
Maintained landscape will deter criminals
A well maintained and lit exterior will deter thieves. Overgrown plants and poorly lit landscapes allow areas for thieves to hide their activities making your home an easier target. Installing motion sensitive lighting can also deter criminals, make it easier to get around at night and save on your electric bill.
Save on heating and cooling
Replacing old outdated windows can save you money on both heating and cooling. Most replacement windows have a variety of energy conservation features. Double or triple pane windows with dense gasses inserted between the panes of glass that slow heat and cold loss or gain. Some even have reflective or filtering film laminated to the glass to keep out the harsh summer sun.

Planting shade trees and plants around your home can reap rewards in your summer cooling bill. Many areas even have deals where you can get shade trees for no cost.
Builds community
If you are out caring for you home you are more likely to interact with your neighbors. Having a well maintained exterior will inspire (or shame) others in your neighborhood to maintain or improve their own home’s appearance. It spreads a sense of pride in the neighborhood. If you sell your home the houses around yours affect how much you will get and how fast it sells.
Don’t be the one to say “Why did I wait so long?” Give K-Designers a call 800-728-3902 or visit us online and get your remodeling project off the ground.

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