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I have mold?!

February 21, 2014
It is actually a fairly common problem, especially in newer energy efficient homes. That might seem strange but it’s true. Energy efficient homes are more air tight than ever before to keep temperature controlled air inside thus lowering your heating and cooling costs. The problem is that cooking and showering etc increase the amount of moisture in your home. If not monitored and dealt with the excess moisture can lead to mold.
But I bought vinyl windows to avoid all that. Vinyl windows aren’t a source of food (unlike wood framed windows) and don’t by themselves promote mold growth. But mold will grow on any damp organic matter. Dust and dirt have organic matter. So if your window sills accumulate dust and get damp from condensation etc. they can support mold. So in addition to addressing the moisture content in your home you need to keep your window sills free of dust.
So how do I keep my home’s moisture content down? When cooking or showering use a vent fan to push the damp air outside. If you have heavy window covering like plantation shutters damp moist air can get trapped between the shutter and the window. You should open them regularly or keep them cracked so the air between them and the window so any moisture the trapped air can escape. This is especially true if you see condensation on your windows. If you have severe problems with moisture you can even use a dehumidifier.
Vinyl windows are a great value. If you have any issues with your current windows or you are interested in replacing them. Don’t hesitate to contact K-Designers at 800-728-3902 or

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