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Home remodeling adds value

June 21, 2013
Curb AppealPutting money into your home is rarely a bad idea. Whether you plan on keeping your home for a long time or you just want to improve it a little and sell there are several projects that can add value to your investment.
Improve your landscaping: It’s all about curb appeal. The landscaping is a major part of your homes curb appeal. We make snap decisions based on what we see from the curb. Spruce up the yard to get a better first impression. As we all know first impression’s are hard to shake, so make it a good one.
Exterior: Again it’s all about curb appeal. What people see from the outside. Landscaping is a part of that but not all. Any area visible to visitors is a prime area for improvement. Walls, terraces, windows, doors, decks etc. Complete replacement or even something as simple as a new coat of paint.
Interior: Walls, Ceilings and floors. These areas are big and obvious to visitors. If you plan on replacing or changing the surfaces then use quality materials especially if you wish to sell.
Specific areas: Kitchen’s, bathroom’s, and basements rank very high in regards to return on your investment.
When doing a remodel always keep in mind your return on investment. Sometimes that return is money when you sell the home, and sometimes it’s just quality of life enjoying your home. Always use quality materials but keep in mind that you may not get back all you invest if your upgrades exceed the neighborhood market value for your home.

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